Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i think im losing my marbles. iono what im doing anymore. tell me why i started getting super pissed when i found out that matt went to usf to meet up with edgardo. and then he calls me later and asks what time the csueb library closes only to have edgardo tagging along. wtf. and then tonight during pcn practice, i specificaly told matt that edgardo better be gone by the time he swings by and yet HE STILL BROUGHT HIM. he knew i would be annoyed and yet he still did that. what an asshole. gaaahhd, i wanted to smack someone.

i met up with matt at walmart after the practice and he said "u looked sad." i just looked at him and said "well you already know why. jerk."

iono maan. i can't fuckin do this anymore. whyyy can't edgardo just fuckin go awaaaay?! doesn't he have friends? i knoow that bitch got friends. just fuckin leeeeeaaaaave. geeeez.

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  1. I love you Cuervo. As much as you have trouble opening up to me, I am here for you. I'm hella down for you-- the one person who brought me a box of Uncrustables when I was craving pb&j....